About us

Welcome to our story, where Danish charm and Dutch down-to-earthness come together in an adventure full of love and wanderlust. Step into our time machine and travel back to February 1993, where the story of Pernille and Jeroen began as a winter enchantment in Avoriaz, France. Amid snow-capped mountain peaks and crackling fireplaces, they met on a skiing holiday that would change their lives forever.

*Pernille*, a Danish beauty born in bustling Copenhagen, but raised in picturesque Næstved, not far from idyllic Everdrup.

In 1997 she found her way to the Netherlands and Jeroen.

*Jeroen*, a Dutchman through and through, was born in the atmospheric Son en Breugel.

In 1999 they settled in the cozy Huizen, where their family expanded with two beautiful children.

Our house adventure started in 2004 when we bought a cozy house in Everdrup together with my sister. This Danish gem became a haven for relaxation and fantastic family adventures.

In 2020 we expanded our horizons and welcomed the beautiful nature of the Veluwe into our lives. Together with the children we bought a few houses there, each inspired by our shared love for gin. This passion for gin has not only enchanted our taste buds, but has also shaped the names of our beloved houses.

Welcome to our story, where boundaries fade, love grows and every house tells a unique chapter. We hope you, like us, enjoy the journey through our lives and the beautiful places we call home.

Cheers to adventure, love and a dash of gin!



All our accommodations are for recreational use ONLY. Commuting is NOT allowed (partly) due to local rules. Furthermore, they are family homes and cannot be rented for (bachelor) parties and/or similar events.


In connection with tourist tax, always report how many guests you have. I would rather not pay too much to the municipality. In connection with making beds and towels, it is of course also nice to know.

  • Arrival between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM and departure no later than 10:00 AM!
  • Our holiday homes are non-smoking !
  • There is NO reception. Always call your host!
  • It is always possible to order extra bed linen and towels during your stay
  • Dogs are only welcome after consultation at the Damrak house

We are careful with our belongings. We also expect this from our guests.

The total price always includes:

  • Tourist tax
  • WIFI & TV
  • Parking spot
  • Beds are made when you arrive
  • 1 set of basic towels (1 large (140*70) and 1 small (100*50) per person)
  • Bath and kitchen linen package (bath mat, guest towel and 1 kitchen, 2 tea and 3 dish towels)
  • Kitchen starter package (olive oil, salt, pepper, coffee pods or cups, tea, sugar/milk sticks, hand soap, dishwashing liquid and, if applicable, dishwasher tabs)
  • Final cleaning


We have a number of rules to make the holiday as pleasant as possible for everyone. As a guest of GinChalet, these rules also apply to you. This is how we keep things fun at the park.

General GinChalet house and abbreviated park rules are listed here. They can also be found in each cottage together with the Terms of Use conditions.


We want you to enjoy a comfortable holiday. In solidarity with the whole of Europe that is struggling with energy shortages, we also try to be sensible with our consumption.

You can also contribute to this by:

  • Do not open windows and doors unnecessarily while the heating and/or air conditioning is on.
  • The radiators in the bathrooms should only be turned on when using the bathroom. Turn them off when you are not using the bathroom or leaving. 
  • Please remember that if you leave the holiday home in the meantime or upon departure, you should always carefully close the doors and windows or put them in the tilt position.


Smoking is only allowed outside. Far away from open windows and doors. There is a container with sand for cigarette butts.


Day visitors are of course welcome, without a pet and if they adhere to the house rules of course. 

  • Have you booked for 1 - 3 people? Then it is possible to receive guest(s). No more than 4 people (babies also count as a person) may stay overnight in our holiday homes (Damrak, Hanami , Loopuyt & Nolet).
    • Hermit is a maximum of 2 people.
    • Geranium & Casa de Gloria can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.
  • Please inform us in advance that you will be having guests, so we can also settle the mandatory tourist tax per person, per night and register your guests in the system.
  • Without notification and payment of the municipal tourist tax, we are not allowed to accommodate more people than the original booking.


Each holiday home has its own parking space. A second car, trailer or visiting car can be parked in the parking lot. Unloading is allowed, then please park in assigned places.


An electric car may not be charged from the power of your holiday home. The nearest public charging station can be found at De Veluwse Hoevegaerde.


In houses where a dog is welcome, the dog can run freely in the enclosed garden.

  • Outside the garden the dog must be on a leash. The forest is within walking distance, where your dog can also do his/her business. If your dog has done its business in the garden, we expect you to clean it up yourself.
  • We would like to ask you to prevent nuisance to local residents and guests due to barking.
  • In the pet-free houses, letting a dog or cat in is not allowed.


Costs will be charged if the key(s) are lost. It is not permitted to give keys to others for use.

We would like to receive the key(s) back when you check out.


Departure is no later than 10 am.

What should I do before departure?

Below you will find what is standard when leaving the house tidy. This is not the same as a final cleaning. The entire accommodation is cleaned.

Always do the following before leaving the house: 

  • Place the furniture in the same place as upon arrival
  • Leave the kitchen clean
  • Unload the dishwasher and put the dishes clean in the cupboard (if applicable) 
  • Close the windows, turn off the lights and set the thermostat to 10 degrees
  • Remove the bedlinen (please leave flannel covers on) and place everything in the hall together with dry towels and kitchen linen in 1 or 2 duvet covers.
  • Remove garbage bags from the bins and place them closed up outside the house
  • Bring glassware and paper with you when you leave
  • BBQ cleaning (if applicable) 
  • Dispose of cigarette butts (if applicable) 
  • Put the keys on the table


The full version of the park regulations can also be found in the holiday homes.

  • Take into account the peace and privacy of the other residents / guests.
  • The park is fireworks-free.
  • Flying and/or using drones is strictly prohibited. There is a NO flight zone above the park.
  • Before 9:00 AM and after 8:00 PM and on Sundays and public holidays, it is not permitted to cause noise nuisance, for example with equipment or otherwise.
  • Sleep must be respected between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. We expect everyone to observe this night's rest. This includes no loud conversations, music or any other noise.
  • The maximum speed in the park is 5 km per hour.
  • At the barrier, outgoing traffic has priority over incoming traffic. 
  • Each holiday home has its own parking space. A second car, trailer or visiting car can be parked in the parking lot. Unloading is allowed, then please park in assigned places.
  • Waste must be deposited (sorted) in the appropriate containers at the houses. Placing garbage bags (and loose waste) on the ground is not permitted for reasons of hygiene and attracting animals and pests.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash in the park and may not cause any nuisance to other residents/guests.
  • It is not permitted to use or possess drugs or narcotics in our park.
  • There is NO reception. Always call your host!
  • Stay is a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Our holiday homes are ONLY intended for recreational use. Commuting is NOT allowed (partly) due to local rules.
  • Open fire is always prohibited. Burning candles without anyone present and throwing away cigarettes, cigars and matches are also prohibited. Incendiary explosive substances are prohibited.
  • Barbecuing is allowed provided that the barbecue is at least 3 meters from trees, shrubs, fences, buildings and the holiday accommodation.
    • In addition, it is mandatory to have a bucket with 10 liters of water within reach. o You may only use electricity, gas, charcoal and briquettes as fuel for the barbecue.
    • The manager may prohibit the use of a barbecue in special circumstances (for example extreme drought).

We naturally hope that these rules are also self-evident for you as a guest. If you experience inconvenience from guests who do not adhere to the rules, please let us know or speak to the guest in question in a friendly manner.